40mm Metal Rudder Tiller Amati (B4352,40)

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Material: Metal


Amati B4352,40 Metal Rudder Tiller 40mm: Precision Model Ship Component

Introducing the Amati B4352,40 Metal Rudder Tiller, a 40mm precision-crafted component, essential for adding realistic functionality and detail to model ships. Made from high-quality metal, this rudder tiller is perfect for enhancing the steering mechanism of your scale model vessels."

Key Features:

  • High-Quality Metal Construction: Durable and robust, ensuring longevity in your model builds.
  • 40mm Precision Size: Perfectly scaled for accuracy in model shipbuilding.
  • Realistic Detailing: Enhances the authenticity and functionality of ship models.
  • Versatile Application: Ideal for a wide range of ship models, from historical to contemporary designs.

Summary: "The Amati B4352,40 Metal Rudder Tiller is a must-have for serious model shipbuilders. Its precision, quality, and realism make it an outstanding addition to any maritime modeling project, ensuring your model stands out for its accuracy and attention to detail."


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