M60A2 Patton 1:25 Angraf

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M60A2 Patton Card Model Kit

Publisher - Answer

Scale - 1:25

Model Sheets - A4

Dimensions after assembling:

Length: 28cm

Assembly Instruction Language -  Polish


Introducing the Card Model Kit of the M60A2 Patton from Angraf Publishing, a masterpiece of historical engineering art that allows you to bring the iconic tank to life. Ideal for enthusiasts, collectors, and model builders, this kit offers a captivating combination of history, craftsmanship, and intricate detailing.

Key Features:

  • Historical Authenticity: This card model kit is a faithful representation of the M60A2 Patton, capturing the essence of this legendary tank's design and features.
  • Precision Card Engineering: Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the kit includes high-quality cardstock that's sturdy and easy to assemble, ensuring an enjoyable building experience.
  • Educational Value: Assemble this model and gain insights into the mechanics and history of the M60A2 Patton, making it an excellent tool for education and learning
  • Realistic Detailing: From the tiniest components to the overall design, the model reflects the tank's unique features with astonishing accuracy.
  • Suitable for Collectors: Perfect for collectors looking to expand their collection of military model kits, the M60A2 Patton card model is a fantastic addition.
  • Step-by-Step Instructions: Included in the kit are clear and comprehensive assembly instructions, ensuring that builders of all levels can enjoy this project.
  • Perfect Gift: Whether for a history enthusiast, model builder, or collector, this card model kit makes an exceptional gift.

Discover the fascinating world of military history and craftsmanship with the Card Model Kit of the M60A2 Patton from Angraf Publishing. This kit offers the ideal blend of hands-on construction, historical exploration, and educational value.

Add this remarkable piece to your collection, embark on a journey through history, and let your passion for tanks and military engineering shine. Get your Card Model Kit of the M60A2 Patton today!

Assembled model photos source: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipP8aEOH3jl9tN6KinTqnIuBymTLm63keicIwrUK2IRVAhucV9xu2OGxNxMG6pp9wQ/photo/AF1QipNH3iswqiiNGDtZXIkS6qsoewNcSWy4F68kbaVm?key=b2F1SlpuU0x6akh1NEZOX0M0UjM3Qkg2VXI4eEVR


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