Bell P-39 "Aircobra" L.O.K.

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1977 Bell P-39 Aircobra Model Plans by LOK - Vintage Collector's Item

Immerse yourself in the historical significance of the Bell P-39 Aircobra with these vintage model plans from March 1977, published by Liga Ochrony Kraju (LOK). This set, featuring 5 detailed A1 sheets, is a deep dive into the engineering marvel of this WWII American fighter aircraft. A treasure for model aircraft enthusiasts, historians, and collectors alike, these plans offer a unique glimpse into aviation history."

Key Features:

  • Detailed A1 Sheets: Five intricately detailed sheets provide comprehensive information for model building.
  • Vintage Collectible: Published in 1977 by LOK, adding significant historical value.
  • Condition Note: The cover shows wear, with damage and a tear at the bottom and a spine reinforced with clear tape, yet the plans inside remain in very good condition for their age.
  • Polish Description: Original descriptions in Polish, with translations available on request.

Summary: "The 1977 Bell P-39 Aircobra model plans by LOK are not just plans but a piece of aviation history. Despite the wear on the cover, the content within is preserved in remarkable condition, making it an invaluable addition for collectors, model builders, and historians. Dive into a project that brings history to your fingertips."


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