IJN Taiho 1:200 GPM

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IJN Taiho Aircraft Carrier Card Model Kit 1:200 Scale by GPM

Scale 1:200.

Model sheets size: A3. 

Laser Cut Frame - No

Dimensions after assembling:

Length: 136cm

Width: 34cm

High: 26cm

Assembly Instruction Language - Polish

Embark on a journey through naval history with the IJN Taiho Aircraft Carrier card model kit by GPM, meticulously designed at a 1:200 scale. This exquisite model kit offers enthusiasts and model builders the opportunity to recreate one of Japan's most formidable aircraft carriers from World War II. With unparalleled detail and accuracy, this card model is a tribute to the engineering marvels of naval warfare."

Key Features:

  • Highly Detailed Design: Precision-cut card pieces ensure an authentic recreation of the IJN Taiho, featuring intricate details from the flight deck to the hull.
  • Scale Accuracy: At 1:200 scale, this model provides a substantial, detailed representation of the historical aircraft carrier.
  • Educational and Engaging: Building this model offers insights into WWII naval history and the architectural intricacies of aircraft carriers.
  • Premium Quality: GPM's commitment to excellence is evident in the quality of materials and clarity of instructions, ensuring a rewarding building experience.

Summary: "The IJN Taiho Aircraft Carrier card model kit from GPM is an essential addition to the collection of any naval history enthusiast or model builder. With its detailed design and scale accuracy, it offers a challenging yet fulfilling project that brings a piece of WWII history to life. This model kit not only serves as a testament to the IJN Taiho's legacy but also as a captivating educational tool."


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