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Shipyard 1.20mm Rope 15m: Premium Rigging for Model Ships

Elevate your model shipbuilding with Shipyard's 1.20mm Rope, spanning 15 meters, designed for meticulous rigging and detailing. This high-quality rope ensures your scale models boast an authentic and professional look, perfect for hobbyists and professionals alike."

Key Features:

  • Optimal Thickness: At 1.20mm, the rope is ideal for various scale models, providing the right balance between visibility and realism.
  • Generous Length: 15 meters of rope allows for extensive use across multiple projects or large-scale models.
  • High-Quality Material: Durable and realistic, this rope mimics the look and feel of actual ship rigging.
  • Versatile Application: Suitable for rigging, detailing, and enhancing both historical and contemporary ship models.

Summary: "Shipyard's 1.20mm Rope, extending 15 meters, is an essential component for model shipbuilding, offering unmatched quality and versatility. Whether you're adding intricate details or overhauling rigging, this rope is a top choice for achieving a stunning, authentic finish."


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