Adhesive With Needle For Plastic Models 30g Wamod

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Wamod 30g Precision Adhesive with Needle for Plastic Models

Elevate your plastic model crafting with the Wamod Adhesive with Needle, available in a convenient 30g package. This specialized adhesive is designed to provide precision application, ensuring secure and seamless bonding in your plastic model projects.

Key Features:

  • Precision Bonding: The Wamod Adhesive with Needle is your go-to solution for achieving precise and neat bonds in your plastic model projects. Whether it's intricate details or larger components, this adhesive ensures flawless connections.

  • Fine Applicator Needle: The adhesive comes with a fine needle applicator that allows controlled and accurate adhesive dispensing. This precision application minimizes mess and ensures a tidy finish.

  • Strong and Lasting Bonds: This adhesive creates strong and lasting bonds that endure over time, ensuring the integrity of your plastic model components. Enjoy the confidence that your creations will remain securely joined.

  • Versatile Compatibility: Whether you're working with plastic, resin, or other materials commonly used in model crafting, this adhesive is engineered to cater to a variety of materials, ensuring consistent results.

  • Crafting Essential: Whether you're an experienced modeler or a beginner exploring the world of plastic model crafting, the Wamod Adhesive with Needle is an essential tool that streamlines your assembly process.

Elevate your plastic model crafting with the Wamod Adhesive with Needle for Plastic Models 30g. Achieve flawless bonds, impeccable detailing, and secure connections that bring your models to life with professional-level precision.

Optimize your plastic model assembly. Add the Wamod Adhesive with Needle for Plastic Models 30g to your cart and experience the difference that precision adhesive can make in enhancing the quality and appearance of your model projects.


*Strongly bonds by dissolving the surface of plastics (cold welding). It dissolves the surfaces of dense polystyrene components,       creating the possibility of a thin coating between the joined elements. During the evaporation of the solvent as a result of   intermolecular reactions, a virtually unbreakable connection is formed.
*After drying, the glue remains transparent, crystal clear and odorless.
*The joint is resistant to cold and temperatures up to 90 degrees C. The adhesive is also resistant to water, petrol, diluted acids and alkalies.
*The glued surfaces must be clean, free of dust and grease.
*Strong adhesive for joining polystyrene plastics (for gluing plastic models).


*Apply a thin layer of adhesive to one or both sides of porous or uneven surfaces.
*Put the glued parts together, press and hold. For surfaces that are difficult to stick together, leave the applied glue to dry for 3-4   minutes, then apply it again to one side, put the glued parts together, press and hold.
*When gluing thin materials, apply a very thin layer of glue.
*Do not wipe off wet adhesive residue.


Convenient cleaning wire.
Glue with a needle 30ml by Wamod


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