Aoshima 05790 SHIRANUI Scale: 1:700

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Aoshima JAPANESE NAVY DESTROYER SHIRANUI (waterline model kit)
Scale - 1:700

Shiranui (sometimes known as Shiranuhi) was a Japanese destroyer laid down in 1937, launched in June 1938, and commissioned in the Imperial Japanese Navy in December 1939. At the time of launching, the ship was 118.5 m long, 10.8 m wide, and her standard displacement was about 2,100 tons. Destroyer Shiranui's top speed was up to 35-36 knots. The main armament at the time of the launch was 6 127 mm guns in three twin turrets, and the secondary armament was 4 25 mm cannons, depth charge launchers and eight 610 mm torpedo tubes.

Shiranui was the second destroyer in the Kagero-class. Units of this type were created as part of the Japanese fleet expansion program of 1937 and 1939. They returned to the use of strong artillery (6 127 mm guns), which had already appeared on the Fubuki-class destroyers. The provisions of the disarmament treaties were also not respected, thanks to the czum the Japanese designers had complete freedom in designing. As a result, units with strong artillery and torpedo armament, good sea performance, and especially - unlike the previous Japanese destroyers - had no problems with stability and overall durability of the structure. The only drawback was the weak anti-aircraft armament, which, however, was systematically strengthened during the war in the Pacific. Destroyer Shiranui began its participation in World War II by carrying out escort tasks of aircraft carriers on their way to Pearl Harbor. In January 1942, he was still assigned as an aircraft carrier escort and operated in the South Pacific. In March 1942, he also took part in the Japanese fleet's rally to the Indian Ocean. In the summer of 1942, he continued to be at the center of the most important events in the Pacific, as he took part in the Battle of Midway. However, from the end of summer 1942 until the end of 1943, the destroyer was renovated and modernized. After returning to service, he performed mainly convoy and escort tasks. The destroyer Shiranui sank on October 27, 1944 as a result of attacks by US air forces during the Battle of Leyte Bay.


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