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Wamod Model Putty 40 ml: Perfect Finish for Model Kits

Elevate your modeling projects with the Wamod Modeling Putty, available in a convenient 40ml container. This specialized putty is your go-to solution for achieving flawless, professional-grade finishes in your models.

Key Features:

  • Precision Model Enhancement: The Wamod Modeling Putty is designed to help you achieve meticulous detailing and seamless surfaces in your models. Fill gaps, hide imperfections, and enhance the overall appearance of your creations.

  • Smooth and Easy Application: With its user-friendly consistency, this putty spreads smoothly and evenly, allowing for precise application. Enjoy greater control as you sculpt and shape your models to perfection.

  • Quick Drying: The quick-drying formula minimizes waiting times, allowing you to proceed with your projects without delays. Spend more time perfecting your models and less time waiting for putty to set.

  • Sandable and Paintable: Once dry, the Modeling Putty can be easily sanded and painted over, ensuring a seamless integration with the rest of your model. Achieve a finish that seamlessly blends with your artistic vision.

  • Versatile Modeling Tool: Whether you're a professional modeler or a hobbyist, the Wamod Modeling Putty is an essential addition to your toolkit. It empowers you to achieve the level of detail and precision that sets your models apart.

Elevate your model crafting with the Wamod Modeling Putty 40ml. From intricate modifications to general surface refinement, this putty allows you to craft models that stand out for their flawless finish and expert detailing.

Optimize your model detailing process. Add the Wamod Modeling Putty 40ml to your cart and experience the difference that precision putty can make in elevating your models to the pinnacle of excellence.

Quick-drying agent based on glue with the addition of filler. 
Able to fill in unevenness and surface defects.
Suitable for polystyrene-based plastics. 
It can also be used on wood, metal, and cardboard

It is best to apply thin layers, and if in a hurry, you can gently heat it with a dryer. 
Repeat the application until the unevenness is filled or evened out. If the layer is not too thick, it can be sanded down after it is dry. 
If applied a lot of layers, it will take a few hours to dry if left to air dry.
Once it is dry, it will be easier to wipe off any excess as the putty will not stretch. 
Good results can be obtained with the smoothing of soft balsa wood. 
With a little effort, it can be sanded and you can have a smooth surface, which makes a difference when using soft balsa.

This is the only alternative for finishing this type of surface, not taking into account expensive acrylic preparations.
Perfectly suited for cardboard models for the same reason as well. In addition, it can be painted perfectly with all types of paints.

Please be aware that some tubes may look not fully filled but be sure that all tubes contain declared volume of the putty.
Please contact me if from some reason you're not happy with the product.


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