Triple Ramshead 5.5mm Vessel Shipyard

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Material: Card


Triple Ramshead 5.5mm Card Rigging Blocks for Model Ships (8 pcs)

Publisher - Vessel Shipyard

Type of packaging - Blister (165x73x9 mm)

Assembly Instruction Language - English, Deutsch & Polish

Additional information - For self-assembly

Blocks created according to Bartosz Kłyszynski project can be used both in wooden or cardboard models. This outstanding method permits for quick assembly of a large amount of blocks. The project enables any shape of blocks, deadeyes, and hearts which were used on sailing boats across all eras and regions.

Elevate the detail and authenticity of your model ships with the Triple Ramshead 5.5mm Card Rigging Blocks, designed for self-assembly and brought to you by Shipyard. This set of eight pieces is meticulously crafted to enhance the rigging of any scale model ship, offering unparalleled realism and precision."

Key Features:

  • Intricate Detail: Each 5.5mm rigging block is engineered with precision to replicate historical maritime rigging components.
  • High-Quality Material: Made from durable card, ensuring longevity and ease of assembly.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for a wide range of model ships, enhancing both the aesthetic and historical accuracy of your models.
  • Self-Assembly Design: Provides modelers with the satisfaction of building their rigging components, adding a layer of customization and craftsmanship to their work.

Summary: "The Triple Ramshead 5.5mm Card Rigging Blocks set is an essential addition to the toolkit of any model shipbuilder looking to add depth and realism to their creations. With their detailed design and high-quality material, these blocks are perfect for modelers dedicated to achieving historical accuracy and fine craftsmanship in their builds."

VESSEL The company produces two modeling brands: Shipyard, established in 1985, and Railway Miniatures, introduced in 2016.
Family Company was founded in 1985 by Lidia and Krzysztof Kłyszyński and has since developed in many areas of modeling.
The Shipyard brand is focused on marine models like sailing ships, lighthouses, dockyard dioramas, and accessories. From a wide range of Shipyard products modelers can choose:
Laser-cut kits - complete box with all parts cut by laser, materials, and accessories that the modeler needs to build a perfect model.
Marine Fittings – more than 50 different types and sizes of blocks and cotton ropes produced by a Dutch Company with traditions since 1638.
Traditional paper models – high-quality printed parts with additional laser-cut spare parts like masts, sails, and blocks.
The quality and precision of our models are based on our long experience in the modeling field. Confirmation of it we receive directly from modelers who visit us at fairs where we show our products and models.
Railway Miniatures brand is focused on the world of trains where You can find models of houses, buildings, sheds, cranes, lighthouses, road plates, pavements, concrete fences, curbs, paths, pavings, gates, and garden accessories.
All products are laser-cut kits and sets. Laser technology allows modelers to build models in perfect quality with all details.


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