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Wamod Level High Thinner 250ml: Premium Paint Thinning Solution

Elevate your painting experience to new heights with the Wamod Level High Thinner, available in a convenient 250ml bottle. This specialized thinner is designed to enhance the performance of your paints, ensuring smooth application, improved flow, and professional-level results.

Key Features:

  • Paint Performance Enhancer: The Wamod Level High Thinner is your secret weapon for optimizing paint performance. This thinner is formulated to improve paint flow, resulting in seamless application and consistent coverage.

  • Versatile Compatibility: Whether you're working with acrylics, enamels, or other types of paint, this high-quality thinner is compatible with a variety of paint formulations, expanding its utility for diverse artistic projects.

  • Effortless Blending: Achieve smooth color transitions and effortless blending with the enhanced flow provided by the Level High Thinner. Enjoy greater control over your painting process and unlock new levels of artistic finesse.

  • Reduced Brush Marks: The improved flow and leveling properties of this thinner help reduce visible brush marks, allowing you to create artworks with a professional, polished appearance.

  • Optimized Creativity: Whether you're a professional artist, a hobbyist, or a student, the Wamod Level High Thinner empowers you to unleash your creative potential with paints that respond flawlessly to your artistic touch.

Elevate your artistic endeavors with the Wamod Level High Thinner 250ml. Experience the difference in paint performance, as this specialized thinner enhances your creative process, resulting in artworks that capture attention and reflect your artistic vision.

Optimize your painting technique. Add the Wamod Level High Thinner 250ml to your cart and elevate your artistic creations to a level of excellence that stands out and leaves a lasting impression.


Level High Thinner with retarder, intended for washing and diluting paints:

- Hobby Color Series H in proportions 1:1-2,
- Filler P118, P119, P123,
- Mr. paint Color C series in the ratio 1:1-2,
- Mr. Metalizers Metal Color and Mr. ColorColor Super Metalic,
- Surfacer SF-283-291 in a ratio of 1:1-2.


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